Howdy Friends!

Welcome to my web page and the finest Trophy Buckles available at any price.

My name is Leo Smith and I am a retired Texas Judge.

My story began many years ago where in 1978 I started selling western wear wholesale to dealers and designing and manufacturing buckles, as well as all items used in saddle horse and riding equipment.

Over the last 40 plus years I have been a Judge in far West Texas on the Mexican border in the Desert Mountains in the rugged Big Bend area of the state and owned my own manufacturing wholesale business. I have, in that time, seen a lot of crazy things and made 100’s of 1000’s of buckles in Sterling Silver and Gold as well as German silver and Jewelers bronze.

In the pages of this web site you will see many designs and styles from over 40 years of memories, hundreds of towns, and countless rodeos and events. For many of you it will be a walk down memory lane of a long forgotten past, and for others it will give you a glimpse of a time that you have maybe only heard about from your elders.

I have been blessed to have the Lord grant me a very colorful life. I have made countless friends along the way and memories enough for a dozen or more cowboys.

But with saying all of that, there were some bad and painful times along the way as well. I have lost a lot of near and dear friends in my travels, and sometimes the slightest thought will bring back a whole flood of memories from years ago that I had locked way and forgotten.

In saying this, I have discovered that there are a whole lot of cowboys and Cowgirls that have some of the same thoughts and memories.

Now I ask you, is there somewhere in your past a missing trophy buckle? A part of your past that is lost or forgotten?  Maybe it was a buckle that was your Dads, Uncles, Brothers, or even that elusive one that you never did quite win yourself.

Well now is your chance to replace that part of history that is missing for you.

This web site represents years of history, designs, and memory joggers. I can recreate any event town or place for you. I will not make another buckle exactly as it appears. You can change the date, figure, town or something to make it different, but there are no two buckles that are alike.

You can add names brands or anything else to make it special to you. I cannot use an organizations logo unless I made it to begin with or have their permission to do so.

All of my buckles are hand made from start to finish. Every piece is drawn out and all the figures and letters are hand cut, they are hand soldered, hand engraved, and hand polished. Before you buy any buckle please do your homework, don’t be fooled by a cheap stamped buckle that is cast with black paint on it and not handmade or hand engraved.  Compare my pictures to any competition pictures.

Be careful and don’t buy a buckle thinking you have a good deal only to be embarrassed or laughed at by a group of cowboys who have won quality buckles and can spot a cheap imitation rodeo buckle from a distance.

These buckles are made for real cowboys by cowboys.


Custom Buckle Orders

If you would like to design your own custom buckle(s), please contact us for ordering and pricing information.

High School or College Buckles

If you are graduating from high school or college and would like to have a buckle instead of, or in conjunction with your class ring, let us have a chance to make your custom buckle.  With permission of your school we can also create Ag and 4-H buckles.

Associations, Fair Boards, or Just the Weekend Rodeo

If you have a special event, please give us a chance to quote your custom buckles.  Click on the state buttons below to see sample buckles of over 40 years of production for various towns, states, and events: including rodeos, ranch rodeos, and various other events.